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Co-host Parker Dixon sits down with Director William Cusick and Producer Tara Maen to chat about Cusick's first feature-length film, "Pop Meets the Void," an award-winning journey down the mind-bending rabbit hole of identity, artistry, and fame.  
"Pop Meets the Void" will be available for $.99 rental (and $7 purchase) on Amazon and iTunes from August 2nd through August 15th.
More information about William's film can be found at http://www.popmeetsthevoid.com/.  "Pop Meets the Void" is available on the following platforms:  Amazon, Google Play, You Tube, and iTunes.  The soundtrack is available on Spotify and Bandcamp.

You can find William and Tara on Twitter https://twitter.com/williamcusick and https://twitter.com/t_fawn
Parker, as always is https://twitter.com/pdixon_, quite possibly the worst Twitter handle imaginable.
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