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The New York Asian Film Festival is back with their 14th program including 54 feature films playing primarily at the Film Society of Lincoln Center through July 11th. We were lucky enough to have a sneak peak at Kinji Fukasaku's classic Yakuza epic 'Battles Without Honor and Humanity' (1973) which will be playing Friday, July 3rd at the Walter Reade Theatre.

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This episode we speak with award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival, Dan Mirvish ('Between Us' - 2012). Dan Mirvish is in the final stretch of his Kickstarter campaign to bring to the screen 'Bernard and Huey', a script by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, author, screenwriter and playwright Jules Feiffer ('Carnal Knowledge' - 1971). Check out the link to this amazing campaign:


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Miroslav Slaboshpitsky's controversial Ukrainian film 'The Tribe' is one of the most audacious directorial debuts in years and it was our pleasure this week to celebrate the film during its opening weekend in the US. 

0:00 - 23:37 - Introduction/News

28:38 - 48:01 - Miroslav Slaboshpitsky's 'The Tribe'

48:02 - 1:13:45 - Tribes in Cinema Bound by Violent Codes

1:13:46 - 1:16:18 - Closing Remarks/Blooper

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Hold onto your butts. This week we tackle 'Jurassic World' and discuss to what extent it measures up against the rest of the franchise. We also share our earliest memories of going to the movie theater.

00:00 - 19:45 - Introduction/News

19:46 - 52:21 - 'Jurassic World' Review

52:22 - 1:10:37 - First Movie Theater Experiences

1:10:38 - 1:17:37 - Closing Remarks/Blooper

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In honor of the Glorious Technicolor Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art playing through August, we decided to make an episode celebrating the technicolor process and one of the most famous musicals from that period, Vincente Minnelli's 'An American in Paris' (1951) starring the indomitable Gene Kelly.

0:00 - 24:53 - Introduction/News

24:54 - 50:33 - Glorious Technicolor

50:34 - 1:23:25 - 'An American in Paris' (1951)

1:23:26 - 1:28:45 - Closing Remarks/Blooper

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This episode we welcome guest host and friend of the show Aaron West from criterionblues.com. We discuss Samuel Fuller's classic film noir 'Pickup on South Street' (1953) which was recently restored and rereleased at the New York Film Forum.

00:00 - 22:18 - Introduction/News

22:19 - 55:19 - 'Pickup on South Street' (1953)

55:20 - 1:03:29 - Closing Remarks/Blooper

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We get old school this week with a look at the 3rd part of Alexander Dovzhenko's Ukrainian Trilogy, 'Earth' (1930), which played recently at the Anthology Film Archives. After Mikhail has a chance to get in touch with his cultural roots we switch gears and discuss what we would choose as the perfect double feature for our last night on Earth.

00:00 - 25:34 - Introduction/News

25:035 - 1:05:02 - Alexander Dovzhenko's 'Earth' (1930)

1:05:03 - 1:28:32 - Double Feature for Last Night on Earth

1:28:33 - 1:31:07 - Closing Remarks


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