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It has been entirely too long since Wrong Reel sat down to record a commentary track and for this momentous occasion we decided on the ever-controversial but always entertaining Russ Meyer and his film 'Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens' (1979). Put the kids to bed and enjoy. Strictly #NSFW.

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This week we welcome back Adam Rackoff, a producer with a slate of amazing projects from animated films with Bill Plympton to the creation of the iPad app and audiobook 'Full Metal Jacket Diary' with actor Matthew Modine. We go deep into all the news and announcements from San Diego Comic Con, review Marvel's latest production 'Ant-Man' and discuss everything we're excited about in the world of superhero movies and television shows coming our way over the next few years.

0:00 - 57:49 - Intro/News

57:50 - 1:58:07 - 'Ant-Man' Review

1:58:08 - 2:14:15 - Closing Remarks

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This week we review the breakout hit of the 2015 Sundance Film festival, 'Tangerine' from director Sean Baker. Shot exclusively on the iPhone 5S, the film follows a transgender woman on a rampage looking for the man who broke her heart. For our follow up film, we discuss 'Mala Mala', a documentary about living as a transgender in Puerto Rico. 

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With the release of 'Terminator Genisys' we take a look back at the entire franchise to compare the essential classics with those that are completely unwatchable. For any hardcore fan the conclusions might already be obvious.

00:00 - 40:32 - News/Intro

40:33 - 1:43:16 - Terminator Rant

1:43:17 - 1:51:01 - Conclusion/Blooper

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In preparation for next week's pop culture extravaganza, San Diego Comic Con, we sit down with animation producer/Star Wars savant/studio manager for Bill Plympton Studios, John Holderried. We discuss his many years in the trenches at Comic Con and what new projects Bill Plympton will feature at this year's convention including his new film starring Patton Oswalt - 'The Loneliest Stoplight', his WIP 'Revengeance', and the new blu-ray for his feature film 'Cheatin''. We also dig into the most exciting movie panels and which we feel will explode in popularity or land with a thud. 

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