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This episode we sit down with Samuel Jamier and Rufus de Rham from Subway Cinema, an organization devoted to the appreciation of Asian film culture. Their flagship event is the annual New York Asian Film Festival but the topic of this podcast is the Old School Kung Fu Fest '15: Enter the Ninjas!! screening at the Anthology Film Archives 4/16-4/19. From Japanese classics such as "Shinobi No Mono" (1962) to the high octane insanity of "Five Element Ninjas" (1982), this is an essential series for anyone seeking to understand the dark, secret arts of the Ninja.

Tickets available at http://oldschool15.brownpapertickets.com/

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In a special episode we sit down with legendary animator Bill Plympton and his producer Adam Rackoff to discuss their Kickstarter Campaign to finance Bill's next feature film, "Revengeance". For the first time, Bill is collaborating with another animator, Jim Lujan, and the result is a wild and irreverent story that explores the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. Bill need s your help to make the film happen and the rewards include an opportunity to appear as a character in the film.

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